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Location of Job: Newnan, GA
When: Oct 29, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Residential Hardwood Floor Cleaning
call or text Call: (678) 909-1797
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Brief Explanation

Are Hardwood Floors Always Free From The Hassle Of Cleaning?

Hardwood flooring can be a homeowner's pride and joy.

The contemporary look, the elegant style, even the oaky smell in some cases is just enough to want to rip out the rest of your carpet and replace it with hardwood.

Although hardwood floors are, by and large, easier to maintain and look after compared to other types of flooring such as carpeting or tile, they should still receive a solid, in-depth cleaning now and again.

It's easy for hardwood floors to get smudged, scratched, and to build up in both dirt and grime over the months.

Luckily, here at Bubble Clean, we're proud to provide all of our customers with convenient cleaning solutions that are quality and sure to satisfy.

Our best-in-class steaming units are built to break through all the hidden layers of muck and debris that get built up over time.

These powerful tools also excel as using hot steam to not only clean your floors but additionally to disinfect them of all microscopic bacteria, dust, as well as other types of hidden pathogens and germs.

So if you're looking to spruce up your hardwood, then don't hesitate to call Newnan's New Favorite Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service!

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Newnan, GA
Client Testimonial
5 Stars ~ K. Reinholt - Newnan, GA

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1. What Other Surfaces Can We Assist With?


In addition to hardwood flooring, We're able to assist with all of your residential cleaning needs.

We're able to help out with such home cleanings like:

- Toilets, Tubs & Tile

- Showers And Sinks

- Fans & Foyers

- Mopping, Dusting And Steaming

- Bedrooms And Bathrooms

- Windows & Glass Doors

- Carpet And Countertops

- And Much, Much More.

We're even able to assist with Commercial Cleaning Contracts as well such as office spaces, retail businesses, and even gyms.

2. What's Our Pricing Like Though?


Other cleaning companies charge a flat rate for every type of home cleanings.

But every home has its own individual cleaning needs, and if yours only needs one or two cleaning methods, then why would you pay a higher rate for cleanings that may not even apply to you?

We Strive To Provide House Cleaning Solutions That Are Fine-Tuned To You!

That way, whether your space just needs an in-depth dusting or an all-out housecleaning overhaul, we're more than capable of assisting with your cleaning needs of all shapes and sizes.

Simply give us a call today with what you believe your specific housekeeping urgencies are, be it hardwood or general housekeeping, and we won't hesitate to give you a reasonable estimate for our experienced services over the phone.

3. How Are We Excellent Floor Cleaners?


It seems like there are so many other maid and cleaning services out there that just don't seem to get it, so we felt the need to step in and change the local cleaning service game for good.

For starters, we never rush through a project to try to squeeze in one more appointment, yet we don't lollygag around and barely clean anything either.

Whether we're cleaning your floor, kitchen, condo, or cabinets, we're always effective and efficient in all of our methods while always being mindful of your home's sanctity as well.

And, most importantly of all, we never, NEVER sweep dirt underneath the rugs.

4. Where Can We Help Most Of Our Customers?


We're a Locally Owned & Operated cleaning company that's staffed by professional cleaning technicians that live in and around the exact same areas that we're proud to service nearly all of our customers in.

These Local Areas Include:

- Newnan

- East Newnan

- Windsor Estates

- West Newnan

- Sharpsburg

- Tyrone

- Coweta County

- And Fayette County

But best of all,  We Only Hire The Best-of-the-Best when it comes to quality maid cleaners that truly care about the overall cleanliness of all of our customers' homes.